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In the beginning

While growing up in Panama, Temi fell in love, not with the flavor, but with the symbolism of Sacred Tobacco.

To Temi, the cigar allows you to laugh, think, dream, and enjoy one another, while putting differences behind you.



First Choice For the Serendipity Blend

During international travel, Temi fell in love with the fine flavor of Nicaraguan farmland.

The high annual rainfall and the volcanic soil from the region give the cigars a blend like no other.

There are many volcanoes, like Mombacho,

that are still active.

For those that love and appreciate complexity in the taste, Serendipity Cigars will be your next obsession.

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Rich, ancient history

The oldest confirmed evidence of humans in Nicaragua dates back 8,000 years.  Although Nicaragua was far south of the large Mayan and Aztec civilizations, Aztec calendars and carvings of the Mayan god, Quetzalcóatl, have been discovered in Nicaragua.


Attractions and Life

Similar to our uniquely crafted cigars, Nicaragua also has breathtaking attractions, and local staples that tell a beautiful story of a connected and engaging culture.  Colorful festivals and street food are abundant throughout the country.

In one Serendipity Cigar you can find flavors from:

...Cigars bring the world to YOU so you can enjoy it.


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