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The sharing of a precious heritage

Unbeknownst to most, marginalized women were and still are on the forefront and play a major role in Sacred Tobacco and the creation of fine cigars!


Here at Serendipity Cigars, we believe there is room for both women and men to engage in conversations about, prosperity, employment status, and other business-related topics.

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We are women, we are veterans, and we are inclusive.

We break down barriers, smash glass ceilings, and immobilize social injustices and inequalities.

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We are all about

Living our Destiny,

and knowing the importance of being interdependent.

We focus on living an experience that is equal, no matter our socio-economic status.

We pay homage to those individuals that are on the front line.

We acknowledge our first responders, civil servants, police officers,

fire fighters, medical staff, and teachers.

Tobacco Leaves

     ...she does everything from rolling it, she's picking it out in the field, she's curing the tobacco, she's destemming it, she's doing all types of things in the factories around the world...


Cigar Education
and Rolling Experiences

We are available for both.

Contact us so we can scale an event to your budget.


The power of connection
with community

Serendipity Cigars embodies the many hours of fellowship and lessons learned from our Panamanian ancestors.

Holding Hands

Aroma Therapy

The effects of the aroma of sacred tobacco lends itself to the mental healing properties of this life-changing plant medicine.


Charitable Heart

Volunteering to help others is a mission close to Temi's heart.  Women's shelters, teen pregnancy support groups, and STEM programs are just a few social actions she actively and consistently supports.

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